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Michels Canada and Trans Mountain Project Teams Donate $20,000 to First Nation’s Daycare

CEPA Foundation Members Michels Canada and Trans Mountain show their commitment to the community with donation


Michels Canada and Trans Mountain Project teams engaged in a friendly competition to raise $20,000 for Leq’á:mel First Nation’s Daycare in a fundraising challenge.

The teams are working on Spreads 6 and 7A of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP) in British Columbia.

On May 7, the Spread 7A team raised $3,875 during a barbecue lunch hosted by TMEP. The following Saturday, the Spread 6 crew raised $9,240 at its TMEP lunch. Following the contest, Michels Canada donated $6,885.

With $20,000 raised to support a new daycare, the real winners are the children and families of Leq’á:mel First Nation and the neighbouring community of Deroche.

“The new facility means that our families and the families of Deroche will have an affordable option for childcare right in the community,” said Ron Smith, CEO of Leq’á:mel Development Corporation. “I would like to thank Michels Canada and the Trans Mountain team for their support. The funds raised will go towards new appliances and other furnishings for the daycare.”

Located approximately 20 kms east of Mission, BC on the north side of the Fraser River, Leq’á:mel First Nation has approximately 600 members while the community of Deroche has approximately 1000 residents. Leq’á:mel’s traditional territory extends south across the Fraser River and is intersected by Spread 6 of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

“Social responsibility is a cornerstone of our values,” said Chris Pezoulas, Michels Canada Project Director for both spreads. “The fundraiser was another way to show our commitment to the communities where we live and work. We were happy to raise money in support for the daycare. Thank you to all our employees and to the TMEP team who contributed to this worthy cause.”

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