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Hatch Launches Inaugural Positive Change Awards to Honor Employees Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

CEPA Foundation Member, Hatch, is on a journey to building a fully inclusive and diverse company including recognizing those who contribute to their progress

Program recognizes those who contribute to our progress, exemplify the values of our Manifesto, and actively work towards strengthening our diverse teams

Hatch is on a journey to building a fully inclusive and diverse company that leverages our unique perspectives and experiences to develop the most innovative solutions for our clients while driving meaningful change in our communities.

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, we launched the inaugural Positive Change Awards to recognize those who have and continue to contribute to our progress and are actively work towards strengthening our diverse teams.

Employees were invited to nominate their colleagues in the following categories:

  • Inspirational Woman – Open to employees who identify as a woman and work to create an inclusive environment and community for all, and are an inspiration to their colleagues
  • Inspirational Ally – Open to employees who do not identify as a woman and who work to support, sponsor, and mentor their female colleagues and demonstrate a commitment to change

A winner for each category was selected in our six regions around the world.

“Our mission calls us to create unprecedented outcomes for our clients and it’s our belief that the best way to achieve this is through diversity of thought. It’s one of the reasons why we feel so strongly about our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workplace,” shared Pierre Olivier, Hatch’s Diversity & Inclusion program manager. “I’m proud to recognize those individuals that have been going above and beyond to create this positive change by supporting inclusivity.”

Meet the 2022 Positive Change winners now!

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