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Benefits of Access Matting: Environment

Access matting offers many advantages on a project site, including a major benefit to the environment.

It is necessary that industry considers environmental impacts of a project, and the potential negative outcomes that may be caused when planning and executing a project, especially in remote, agricultural, and environmentally sensitive land settings.

Industrial matting products, such as wood mats, rig mats and laminate mats, create a highly effective barrier for ground protection for sensitive terrains. In addition to decreasing ground disturbance from heavy equipment and traffic, temporary matting also helps to prevent soil or weed contamination in agriculture settings and promotes regrowth post-project so the land recovers quickly.

So, when planning your next pipeline, power transmission, oil and gas or other type of construction project, be sure to consider how industrial matting can help to minimize your environmental footprint.

Learn more about how Strad works with organizations to minimize impacts to the environment.

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