Quality Management in the Pipeline Industry
How quality and safety in the pipeline industry is furthered by ISO compliancy
Energy Ecosystem video ‘Energy and its Surprising Role in your Life’ – a learning resource for students

In 2021 we wrote about Energy Ecosystem, an organization formed to provide neutral, fact-based information about the energy…

ESG reporting Transparency in the Pipeline Industry
Exploring why and how ESG helps pipeline operators ensure accountability and transparency
MDS pipeline integrity technology A leap forward in pipeline safety

Industry-leading technology supporting pipeline integrity The 2021 CEPA Foundation Award for Quality went to T.D. Williamson for their…

Government grant will be used to create environmental pipeline construction inspection standards

The Province of Alberta is working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs…

Arnett & Burgess safety award Family is at the heart of safety award
At the 2021 CEPA Foundation Quality Summit, our annual Safety Award was presented to Arnett & Burgess Pipeliners…
The Award-Winning Leaders of Canada’s Pipeline Industry

Each year at the CEPA Foundation Quality Summit we recognize some of the most outstanding members of our…

2021: A year in review
It's that time of year again - looking back at our achievements in 2021!
pipeline safety and cyberthreats Cybersecurity and the pipeline industry
Pipeline operators take cybersecurity and protecting the industry against the threat of cyberattacks, seriously.
SAIT drone program Fugitive emissions and the drones that are tracking them down
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a top priority for Canada’s pipeline industry, and this week on our blog…