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Bringing the entire pipeline
industry together.

Canada depends on energy

Energy is Canada’s largest economic driver. It remains the foundation to a safe and secure future. Looking ahead, pipelines will support the energy mix transition and a lower carbon environment.

Canada can depend on us

The CEPA Foundation harnesses the collective wisdom and energy of all aspects of the energy transmission chain. Foundation members work together to share ideas, develop solutions, promote research and advocate to advance safety, reliability, efficiency, technology and environmental protection.

Our mission

To bring together all components of the Canadian energy pipeline industry to support excellence in all aspects of industry performance – safety, sustainability, quality, inclusion, reliability – and influence an evolving energy sector.

Our vision

A respected voice for the Canadian energy pipeline industry and a forum for industry innovation, adaptation and best practice.

Our values


Integrity is the foundation of our individual and group actions that drive the advancement of industry practices for the safe transmission of energy in Canada.

  • We are honest and ethical
  • We are transparent, open and accountable
  • We are focused on achieving success through credible, trustworthy leadership

Every stakeholder is treated with respect and asked to share, question and challenge for the advancement of positive change.

  • We value and listen to everyone’s contribution and perspectives
  • Our relationship with all stakeholders is based on trust, respect and fairness
Responsibility & accountability

We accept full accountability for our actions. We recognize our responsibility to provide safe and efficient pipeline service to society and to minimize the environmental and social footprint of our industry.

  • We believe in Social Responsibility and sustainable development of the Pipeline Industry
  • We believe in Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • We believe performance excellence will drive results and enable achievement

We believe working collaboratively and ensuring a learning environment is the way to achieve the full potential of our members to achieve excellence in the pipeline industry.

  • We work collaboratively to achieve our common goal of industry excellence
  • We learn from our past, both good and bad, to continuously improve performance
  • We are innovative, we benchmark our performance and we adopt best practices

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Board of Directors

Colin Bakoway
Vice President, Oil & Gas
Past Chair
Yvanna Ireland
Trans Mountain
Director, Pipeline Integrity
Carey Arnett
Arnett & Burgess Pipeliners Ltd.
Allan Charlesworth
Vice President, Technical Services
Dave Coffin
Evraz North America
Vice President, Sales and Business Development, Tubular Products
Greg Filipchuk
Vice President, Midstream Operations
Sterling Koch
Plains Midstream Canada ULC
Vice President, Legal and Land
Steven Koles
Hifi Engineering Inc.
President & CEO
Trevor MacFarlane
Senior Advisor
Charles Macmichael
Tyler Madigan
SA Energy Group
Vice President / Managing Director
Jim Mitchell
Cantak Corporation
Vice President, Business Development
Jim Parsons
Spartan Controls Ltd.
Vice President, Oil & Gas
Ferenc Pataki
Director, Transmission
Ziad Saad
Group Key Account Manager
Omar Saif
Gibson Energy
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Gail Sharko
Trans-Northern Pipeline Inc.
Manager, Regulatory & External Affairs
John Steele
Husky Midstream
Chief Operating Officer
Ian Sug
Young Energy Infrastructure Professionals (YEIP)
President YEIP
Rick Tofani
CEPA Foundation
Executive Director
Gary Ziehr
Michels Canada
Vice President, Energy
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